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Start saving on your currency conversions today
Start saving on your currency conversions today

Save money on your international payments the Clarency way

Never again…

Pay banks to make a profit on exchange rates.
Make a conversion without knowing the rate up front.
Expose yourself to adverse currency fluctuations.
Pay for a foreign currency account.
Pay extra fees for urgent transactions.


Choose Clarency’s low and transparent exchange rates and fixed S$5 transaction fee.

How it works

Pay with Clarency in 4 simple steps

Open your Clarency account

It’s free, and there are zero obligations.

Ask for a free quote

You agree to the exchange rate before the transaction.

See the conversion

Your payment funds are converted at the agreed rate.

Make the transaction

You, or we, make the payment for a single fee of S$5.

Online access

Up-to-the-minute exchange rates at your fingertips

As a Clarency account holder, you’ll get unlimited online access to the global foreign exchange markets.

Security first

Your money remains protected

Your money is held in accounts with trusted banking partners worldwide. We keep your money separate from our operational accounts.

More reasons to choose Clarency

We’re cheaper, but we’re on your side in other ways too


Our experts are here to help your business bloom.


There’s nothing complicated about our service.


Our agile and focused set-up makes us much speedier than banks.


Your money is held with trusted banking partners separate from our operating accounts.